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Artipol has extensive experience in the field of Consignment jewelry in silver and vermeil, which allows him to have an optimal organization. Today Artipol jewelry is found in many shops in the French market.

The discount store of silver jewelery and ruddy aims to:
- To test the profitability of goods outlet.
- To eliminate the commercial risk for the professional customer.
- To adjust the stock according to the needs of the professional customer.
- Offering a wide selection of jewelry and various stones.
- Increasing revenues without financial commitment to the professional client.

When selling Artipol jewelry is made of point of sale, revenue is shared as follows: Connect to see prices € of turnover achieved if log in to see prices € HT is collected by Artipol.

In system Consignment jewelry in silver and vermeil, the goods are delivered by our business: the collection is already organized in displays with ready theft for sale, labeled (the price includes VAT, size, reference and metal precious used are indicated) and organized by size according to models. Individual customers are therefore able to try them safely jewelry.

If the turnover in Consignment is positive, professional customer has the option to purchase the entire collection of jewelry Artipol or part. The commitment of your capital you can increase your profit.

Concerning the maintenance of jewelry outlet, Artipol offers free replacement collection if messy jewelry.

Commercial Artipol will be visiting the retail client according to seasonality of sales to replenish the stock and collect the portion reserved for Artipol sold jewelry. Under the law of 80-335 May 12, 1980, the goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of their price.

The price varies collections included models. Our lock boxes are offered for all purchases of complete collection.

Each collection has a series of rings, categorized by size 48 to 64, displays earrings and pendants matched. The rings can be supplied on trial for theft display client without lifting the ring.

We have two types of anti-theft cases: two or three trays that can receive collections from one to three trays. Each plate is composed of 72 rings and 15 pairs of earrings.
All jewelry is labeled and ready to be sold.

We have permanently a large jewelry stock (any stone, any size and in different models) and we guarantee a steady supply with a very wide range. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to guarantee all models for each type of stone and each type size. However, we can obtain parallel many unique pieces as well ensuring you good additional sales.