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Shipment of materials is performed only after collection. Business customers in France are charged to the professional price including VAT and professional customers abroad are charged professional prices HT.

The professional client may have knowledge of the professional prize from the moment where he registered on the website of Artipol and qu'Artipol sends a password after confirming the trade register number.

If the price is right professional to professional client and that he is willing to spend about 1000 € for supply costs, an appointment with our sales may be arranged directly at the point of sale of the business customer. Professional customer has the possibility to select jewelry that will be presented on site.

The professional client also can select jewelry in the company Artipol only by appointment or during trade shows.

As part of a firm purchase Artipol guarantees exchangeability within the limit of 10% of our turnover. This is more than enough to not clutter the merchandise POS unsaleable.

Given the quality / price ratio proposed by professional Artipol the piecemeal orders are not accepted.

Upon delivery of the goods, jewelry are already labeled: advising the public of VAT, size, reference and precious metal used are indicated.


Artipol has extensive experience in the field of Consignment jewelry in silver and vermeil, which allows him to have an optimal organization. Today Artipol jewelry is found in many shops in the French market.

The discount store of silver jewelery and ruddy aims to:

- To test the profitability of goods outlet.
- To eliminate the commercial risk for the professional customer.
- To adjust the stock according to the needs of the professional customer.
- Offering a wide selection of jewelry and various stones.
- Increasing revenues without financial commitment to the professional client.
When selling Artipol jewelry is made of point of sale, revenue is shared as follows: for [zaloguj_sie] 100 [/ zaloguj_sie] € of turnover achieved [zaloguj_sie] 60 [/ zaloguj_sie ] € HT is collected by Artipol.

In system Consignment jewelry in silver and vermeil, the goods are delivered by our business: the collection is already organized in displays with ready theft for sale, labeled (the price includes VAT, size, reference and metal precious used are indicated) and organized by size according to models. Individual customers are therefore able to try them safely jewelry.

If the turnover in Consignment is positive, professional customer has the option to purchase the entire collection of jewelry Artipol or part. The commitment of your capital you can increase your profit.

Concerning the maintenance of jewelry outlet, Artipol offers free replacement collection if messy jewelry.

Commercial Artipol will be visiting the retail client according to seasonality of sales to replenish the stock and collect the portion reserved for Artipol sold jewelry. Under the law of 80-335 May 12, 1980, the goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of their price.


All Artipol silver jewelry are certified and has an official stamp recorded in the French Warranty Service.

Artipol guarantees her jewelry 2 years (except unique jewelry), passed this warranty after sales of Artipol department is still available to any claim.

Concerning representations in point of sale:

The professional client must support itself all types of claims: refund, exchange etc.

Artipol supports the claims of last resort: the professional customer must report the trade Artipol during his visit to the point of sale.

Artipol does not support individual orders to meet the claims of individual customers (eg change of size of a ring), because the shipping cost is expensive.

As the individual customer has the opportunity to make a complaint in all shops selling jewelry Artipol, Artipol invites its business customers to process these claims (excluding repayments). The Artipol jewelry is recognizable by the punch of the company affixed to the jewel.