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Artipol offers the largest selection in France of silver and gold-plated silver jewelery with natural stones. All models are available in several stones and rings in all sizes. The stones used for our jewelery are selected with the greatest care.

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We specialize in distributing silver jewelry with natural stones, supplying jewelry stores, mineral stores and tourist stores. We offer commission sales and wholesale sales models, and guarantee access to the best quality and price. We produce entire collections of silver jewelry with natural stones, as we have the largest selection in France. We pride ourselves in our rings with stones of all sizes, silver earrings and gilded vermeil jewelry (gold-plated silver). Moonstone, labradorite and amber, as well as blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and peridot are just some of our unique natural stones.

We have the largest stock of silver jewelry with natural stones in France. We have been successfully participating in the most important jewelry fairs since 2003. Our main activity is supplying professional jewelry stores, incl. in tourist centers and destinations. We also sell wholesale jewelry for online stores. We work with seasonal and beginner stores thanks to a commission sales model. We offer rhodium-plated silver jewelry and vermeil jewelry - gilded silver (certified gold-plated jewelry).

Our offer is especially appreciated by customers from the United Kingdom, as we provide a wide selection of stones not otherwise available. On the UK market, the choice of natural stones is often limited to synthetic stones or amber. While the remaining natural stones appear sporadically, mostly as Asian jewelry, or Indian jewelry. We invite shops from the UK and wholesalers to cooperate with us, as we offer you a wide selection of natural stones combined with European quality silver.


Silver jewelry with natural stones stamped with our brand hallmark is distinguished by a subtle, elegant European style. Our jewelry is inspired by contemporary French fashion, in which we also set trends. It was us who popularized the fashion for moonstone, discovering its charm and beauty in front of a wide audience thanks to the technology of calibrated cabochons. Both the moonstone ring itself and the complementary silver earrings and pendants look exceptional. Moonstone also adorns our silver bracelets and necklaces in our offer.

Another gem in our collection of jewelry with natural stones are labradorite rings, available in a range of original designs. This stone has a strong character that fits many stylizations, often in the form of labradorite earrings, which emphasize its changing shade with the angle of the light. For demanding customers, we also offer high-quality silver labradorite pendants and extraordinary labradorite necklaces.

We have a special affection for our silver jewelry with amber. Traditionally, we offer rings in all sizes, tasteful amber earrings, elegant pendants and delicate bracelets. Our collection is completed with unique amber necklaces. Each one of them has its own story, closed in a drop of solidified resin.

In order to give an original and valuable gift, our customers often decide to buy a lapis lazuli ring. The cabochon cut perfectly brings out the depth of the stone's color - lapis lazuli comes in shades from green-blue to dark blue with an admixture of pyrite. Silver earrings with lapis lazuli are a real masterpiece - both delicate and stronger patterns are an expressive, but not obtrusive accent, which is why they are perfect for both everyday and festive stylizations.

A sensual and delicate set of vermeil jewelry, chosen by lovers of romanticism, is a blue topaz ring in a set with earrings and a pendant - blue topaz makes them exceptionally subtle. The color of the stone evokes the color of the clear sky or the water surface on a paradise island. It can be a great holiday souvenir for the long winter months.

Rhodium-plated silver jewelry with aquamarine will be perfect for all elegant - dreaming women. The rings in this series appear light and ethereal, while the aquamarine earrings optically brighten the face. An aquamarine pendant coupled to the set will make every day of the year unique.

Regardless of age, our wearers love pink quartz rings. Both little girls, teenagers, as well as mature women choose this semi-precious stone because of its unique type of beauty, which emphasizes the female nature. Rose quartz earrings match an elegant dress and high heels just as well as jeans and sports shoes, bringing the personal charm of a modern lady to light.

Jewelry with amethyst deserves special attention. A ring with this stone, silver earrings or a vermeil pendant with amethyst are completely unique each time. The unique color properties of each cabochon allow you to discover the richness of shades that nature hides in semi-precious stones. Each amethyst cabochon pleases the eye with a different type of purple.

We offer garnet in a faceted cut, featured in rhodium-plated silver rings or gold-plated silver (vermeil) earrings, among others. You can choose a unique pendant with a garnet in an analogous shape or boldly combine it with a completely contrasting pendant pattern. It’s saturated color makes sure that even minimalist earrings with garnet radiat a noticeable aura of style.

Our offer of rhodium-plated silver and gold-plated (vermeil) jewelry includes many natural stones. One of them is turquoise, of which the Sleeping Beauty turquoise is the highest quality turquoise available, straight from Arizona. Our stocks of this stone allow for the distribution of original jewelry despite the closure of its mine in 2012. Many brands on the market have since offered synthetic or colored turquoise, yet we continue to distribute natural Arizona turquoise rings and earrings.

Black onyx is a stone with exceptional expressive power thanks to its deep, uniform blackness. A silver ring with onyx is a strong accent that completes every stylization - with such a ring on the finger we are ready at any time to go out for a romantic dinner or business meeting.

Tiger's eye is a stone that evokes exotic associations. When turning the stone in your hand, depending on the angle of the incident light, it resembles the eye of a wild cat. It owes this effect to a dark stripe running through its center, shimmering like a cat's pupil. It is thanks to this exceptional quality, that silver bracelets with a tiger's eye, silver necklaces, and many designs from a wide selection of earrings and rings are so popular.

Jade as a stone with gentle shades of green, will make any styling arrangement delicate and harmonious. Silver earrings with jade will emphasize your beauty, matching perfectly with any hair color and skin tone. A jade silver bracelet, delicately surrounding the wrist, will be perfect for completing a set.

With such a rich collection of jewelry with natural stones, rhodium-plated silver chains could not be left out. They complement our collection of pendants with natural stones. Their wide selection allows you to wear a pendant in several variants, depending on the length and pattern of the chain. Like all our products, silver chains also carry a hallmark that proves the quality of silver.

As an exceptionally charming group of products with a huge selection of designs, we distinguish bracelets made of rhodium-plated silver and gold-plated vermeil bracelets. Made of pure European silver 925, they are not sensitive to the delicate skin of the hand and will retain their shine and freshness for a long time, even for the most active wearers. Thanks to the durability of the rhodium plating, you can wash your hands without fear and enjoy everyday activities without removing your favorite turquoise, moonstone or amber bracelet.


Three precious stones of the medium class, sapphire, ruby, ​​and emerald, deserve a separate category. We obtain these stones at a bargain price after the production of gold jewelry. It is thanks to the presence of these stones in our collection, that we can proudly talk about silver jewelry with precious stones, stamped with our hallmark. Our jewelry comes in the form of a wide selection of rings and earrings with precious stones. We offer silver pendants and bracelets with sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald.

A ring with a sapphire, a very rare mineral, is eye-catching and awe-inspiring with its deep dark blue glow. Silver earrings with an emerald are in a class of their own, combining the elegance of the stone with a modern and light rhodium-plated European silver setting. The timeless ruby ​​bracelet gives us the everlasting beauty and durability of the stone. Ruby, formerly associated with the royal tradition, today revives and adds splendor to everyday life for European women who appreciate the quality and beauty of jewelry.


What makes a customer looking for a silver ring with a stone, earrings made of 925 silver, a pendant with amber, a bracelet with a moonstone or a necklace made of gold-plated vermeil, choose from our original jewelry catalog ? Amid the flood of Asian jewelry made of silver of unknown origin and purity, which is often difficult to visually distinguish from quality European jewelry. Our products are distinguished by their durability over time, thanks to the use of rhodium-plating and gold-plating processes according to the best German technology.

In addition to ensuring the quality of semi-precious and precious stones, we guarantee the highest quality silver. We only use refined European silver with a purity of 999.9. Since pure silver is too soft for the production of jewelry, we add special Italian alloy additives to it, obtaining a fineness of 925. Silver is a chemically active metal and therefore requires cleaning. To keep the surface fresh and shiny, the best brands use rhodium-plated silver. Rhodium is an expensive noble metal that is chemically inactive and protects the properties of silver. As a distributor of silver jewelry for seasonal stores on a commission sale basis, we collect our jewelry after the tourist season. In order to be able to safely clean jewelry, we follow a higher standard of rhodium-plating in the production process, significantly exceeding the standard 2A / dm². We use the best German technology for this. Thanks to this, we guarantee our customers the shine and freshness of brand new silver jewelry with stones for a long time.


The quality and character of our jewelry is influenced by two factors - carefully selected natural stones and the use of the purest European 925 silver. Among the natural stones that we offer, we distinguish four precious stones - these are ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond - and multiple semi-precious stones. Among our products with precious stones, we offer jewelry with ruby, jewelry with sapphire and jewelry with emeralds. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with stone cutters, we can personally select the most beautiful specimens and obtain them in large quantities, which provides our customers with access to jewelry at attractive prices and wholesale prices for jewelry stores. Our beautiful and original jewelry is the result of skillful selection, as well as the use of the most beautiful fragment of the available stone. All of our semi-precious stones are specimens of the highest quality. Only our ruby, sapphire, and emerald offers use precious stones of medium quality. Their premium quality specimens are reserved for gold jewelry, and we have been specializing in silver jewelry for many years. However, these specimens are still carefully selected for beautiful natural stones with unique inclusions that constitute their unique character. This makes each one of our silver rings with a stone a unique piece that will work perfectly as a gift for any occasion or for a demanding elegant European woman.

The originality of our natural stones is confirmed by a certificate from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. Blue topaz is the only stone in our collection that is slightly improved in the production process, which is included in its certificate.


Our offer includes vermeil jewelry, often known as vermeil gold or gilded silver. It is a specific French standard, not found in other countries, with a long tradition, defining the thickness and quality of the gold coating. Interestingly, the name of a part of the Mediterranean coast - Côte Vermeille - was created in reference to this traditional, beautiful form of French jewelry.

The official requirements for vermeil products are 925 silver (it cannot be any other metal) coated with a minimum of 5 microns of 18 carat gold. For this purpose, our purest European silver is electroplated (covered with gold) for about 40 minutes. In other countries, this standard does not have to be respected, so you cannot trust the quality and thickness of the gilding, as well as the type of metal used - most often it is not silver, and such a product is enigmatically called "gold-plated jewelry". The authenticity of vermeil jewelry is guaranteed by a special hallmark - marked with the letter "V".


Our offer of vermeil jewelry (made of gilded silver) with natural stones includes:

These are original earrings with natural stones, pendants, or rings made of gold-plated silver featuring stones.


In case of any problems with our rhodium-plating, gold-plating, or stones, all corrections are provided under the warranty - efficiently and on the spot. This is possible thanks to our technically well-equipped workshop, with a large stock of all sizes of cabochons and good organization of the after-sales service.