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Jewelry with turquoise

Our offer includes a wide selection of silver turquoise jewelry. We offer, among others, silver earrings with turquoise, along with numerous rings, necklaces and bracelets. The assortment includes both simple jewelery and more unique designs. We want to meet the expectations and needs of all customers, which is why our offer includes universal silver jewelry. Turquoise in combination with silver allows us to create fashion jewelry for both everyday and special occasions. After the deposit is depleted, the price of true Sleeping Beauty Turquoise will increase a lot. Our range of natural turquoise jewelry will be reduced as our stocks of cabochons run out. From the turquoise that we still have, we propose the most beautiful French-style jewelry, made of ratified European silver 925. Additionally, the surface of the silver is plated with a rhodium coat, which protects the silver surface against rusting, retaining its noble look over time.

Silver jewelry with turquoise Sleeping Beauty

We offer jewelry made of the highest quality natural turquoise Sleeping Beauty, which originates from Arizona deposits. It is characterized by a uniform, blue appearance - it has no cracks as Tibetan (Asian) turquoise. We use purely natural stones, such that our turquoise is uncompressed and uncolored. The turquoise is subjected to a cabochon cut, but after this it is not subjected to any further treatments. As a result, we get an astonishing mineral in silver 925 jewelry. The authenticity of our turquoise is confirmed by certificates from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco, while the hallmark is a guarantee of the quality of the silver. Familiarize yourself with our offer of high-quality silver jewelry with turquoise available at economical price

Turquoise - jewelry with natural stone

Turquoise is a stone with a characteristic color. Since antiquity, the stone itself and jewelry with natural turquoise have been appreciated in many places around the world, all because of the extremely beautiful color. Our turquoise comes from the deposits of Arizona - it is a natural stone of the highest class, Sleeping Beauty. Due to its limited extraction, the prices of this mineral are rising rapidly. We guarantee that our jewelry has Sleeping Beauty turquoise with a certificate of originality. It is very difficult to find natural turquoise in the world markets today. There are also Tibetan, Chinese and Iranian sources available, but they do not match in quality. Nowadays there is a lot of fake synthetic turquoise, colored, pressed and sold at "wonderful" prices. We recommend purchasing only in reputable European companies.

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