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Stone cut

Silver necklaces with a tiger's eye - the perfect choice for ethno styling

It is often difficult to choose the right jewelry for patterned dresses with leopard spots or colorful arrangements. Whatever the need, a silver necklace with a tiger's eye will work great. It is a semi-precious stone that ranges in color from brown to black, often with linear or mottled inclusions. Where did the name tiger eye come from ? Well, the necklace is special because of the stripes visible in the structure of the stones. In fact, the whole thing brings to mind cat's wild eyes, which is why it is perfect for ethno styling.

Silver necklace with a tiger's eye - European style and French chic

Each silver necklace enriched with a tiger's eye is made of the highest quality European 925 silver. Our natural stones, in turn, are certified by the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. Our jewelry is an example of classic French, timeless chic. A necklace with a tiger's eye will perfectly emphasize the wearers complexion and will suit brown-eyed women.

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