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Stone cut

Amber bracelets - colors and inclusions that delight jewelry connoisseurs

The fossil of coniferous resins washed ashore by sea waves have fascinated jewelry connoisseurs for centuries. No wonder that a silver amber bracelet is a welcome accessory in every collection. We offer silver bracelets with amber, which thanks to rhodium plating, are additionally protected against tarnishing and anti-allergic. We use only high-quality silver 925. The structure of the stone is unique, and is emphasized by a smooth cabochon cut. We propose European-styled jewelry that follows the best French trends.

Women's silver bracelets with amber - timeless and unique

When looking for unique and elegant jewelry, it is worth choosing a silver amber bracelet. The fossil resin creates three-dimensional forms that are difficult to take your eyes off. The quality of our stones is confirmed by the certificates of the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. As a result, every jewelry connoisseur has a guarantee that the silver amber bracelet is decorated with natural stones from the Baltic Sea.

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