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Stone cut

Silver pendants with moonstone

Each pendant decorated with a Sri Lankan moonstone is as beautiful as it is unique. When deciding on a pendant with moonstone, you need to be aware that you have something special. Its natural internal cracks create a blue reflection, one of the hallmarks of this jewelry. Every European will love the way the moonstone pendant enhances beauty, especially when presented on slightly tanned skin. Absolutely amazing!

Moonstone - an irresistible pendant

A beautiful pendant with moonstone is also extremely durable. There is no problem when chemically cleaning this jewelry. Our decorative stones are original, which is confirmed by a certificate from the Gemmological Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. The high quality is distinguished by silver 925, which is an integral part of each of our offered ornaments, evidenced by the hallmark. The moonstone pendant is available in both cabochon cut and faceted cut.

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