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Silver rings with Labradorite

Fantastic labradorite rings are an original addition to the styling of every woman. The natural stone originating in Madagascar comes in shades of blue from light to very dark. The inspiring cabochon cut in combination with timeless European design and pure silver is a design that cannot be ignored. A silver ring with a hallmark, guarantees the highest quality of 925 silver. The high-quality stone is characterized by a blue-greenish reflection. Our stones are certified by the gemology institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco.

Silver labradorite rings - original models in timeless trends

A silver labradorite ring is an ornament with irregular cracks, allowing the extraction of a blue reflection, which looks phenomenal in any light. Jewelry produced in Europe does not cause allergies, and thanks to the presence of rhodium-plating (the highest-quality silver finish), it does not tarnish, remaining perfect for many years - resistant to chemicals and acids. A silver labradorite ring is an extraordinary gift idea for a loved one. Labradorite is a very popular stone in lithotherapy.

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