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  • €76.00 - €77.00

Silver bracelet with rubies

A classic is always in demand, and what is more classic than a gemstone like a ruby ? A bracelet with this exclusive ornament is one of the most popular jewelry among women. A silver bracelet with rubies works well as jewelry for special occasions, although when properly arranging an outfit, it can also be successfully used on a daily basis. The silver bracelet with rubies available in our offer is a bargain due to the untreated nature of the stones that the jewelry is made with. The lack of implementation of the coloring process guarantees the untreated nature of the stone and allows us to offer a medium class ruby ​​bracelet at an attractive price.

Bracelet - certified rubies and 925 silver

We care about the quality of our products, so we only sell jewelry with certified stones. Thus, each silver bracelet with rubies in our assortment has stones certified by the Gemmological Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco.

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