Price of silver jewelry with natural stones

The retail price of silver jewelry includes:

    Price of the metal (silver granules)Price of RhodiumPrice of the stonesProduction costsTrade margin
Our extremely attractive price, while maintaining a very high European quality standard, is possible thanks to modern production technology and extensive experience working with natural stones.

Stones in jewelry

The availability of valuable stones is limited by nature itself. However, thanks to our long-term cooperation with stone cutters, we have the opportunity to purchase many valuable specimens, a wholesale quantity of calibrated cabochons, and faceted stones at the best price and quality. We have one of the largest stocks of natural stone cabochons in Europe. This immunizes us against temporary shortages and price jumps, enabling shopping at the most attractive moment. The use of the best technologies and calibrated cabochons allows us to economically produce jewelry and provide our customers with a year-round, not only seasonal, attractive price offer.

Professional price of jewelry

Due to the exceptionally low price calculation and low trading margin, we do not apply seasonal price reductions (the market does not apply seasonal silver price reductions). It is also not possible to buy good quality cabochons at bargain prices, on the contrary, the stones are becoming more and more expensive. Taking into account the fact that the prices of silver and stones are constantly rising, our jewelry does not lose but increases in value.The retail price of our products is very attractive for the customer. We supply a lot of seasonal stores that work only about 90 days a year, we guarantee them a quick replenishment of sold jewelry. Many shops cooperating with us, after purchasing our jewelry, apply a higher retail price.Our jewelry collections are delivered to you with ready-made labels with the proper labeling of the silver alloy, size, reference number, and the suggested retail price. From this price, we offer significant discounts for our professional clients. The professional price is well calculated and profitable in all countries, allowing our clients to achieve great profits. It is thanks to the advantageous professional offer, and high-quality jewelry which is attractive for the European customer, that we supply so many stores in France and abroad.Our low professional price is possible because we do not work with intermediaries (agencies, sales representatives, etc.).

Jewelry guarantee

We apply a 2 year warranty on our products and have an efficient after-sales service.Our offer is particularly attractive to customers from the United Kingdom. Artipol jewelry appearing in UK stores is almost devoid of competition. In England, natural stones set in European silver are not widely available, and cheap Asian-style jewelry and synthetic stones prevail on the market.The exception is asian low cost jewelry, but even the natural stone collections of our production are better calculated in terms of price in relation to quality. With France's largest selection of professional gemstones sourced directly from cutters, we offer high-end silver jewelry at affordable prices.To find out the professional price, please create a Professional Client account.

How to buy jewelry

After familiarizing yourself with our selection of jewelry and the attractive prices for professionals, we invite you to make an appointment with our sellers - directly at the point of sale (only in France and Belgium) or at our company headquarters. A visit from our retailer involves an investment of around 1000 euros as the cost of purchasing jewelry. This is the minimum amount dictated by the profitability threshold for us as a wholesale company with a very low margin.We carry out orders even for single pieces of jewelry through the online store and in person during numerous professional jewelry fairs in which we participate as exhibitors - incl. Bijorhca Paris, Inhorgenta Munich, and the largest European fair of minerals and jewelry with natural stones - Mineral & Gem in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.