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Stone cut

Silver amethyst pendants - truly royal jewelry

The amethyst, once the insignia of power, now adds to the beauty of fashionable French jewelry. An amethyst pendant harmonizes beautifully with silver necklaces and bracelets. Our jewelry is made in a European style and has a hallmark. The amethysts we sell have the highest quality certificate of the Gemmology Institute in Lyon. They come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and are purple or dark purple in color. An amethyst with cabochon or faceted cut is transparent, without a milky shade, and looks good in strong sunlight. All this makes it truly magnificent jewelry.

A pendant with an amethyst - a symbol of dignity

It is worth knowing the symbolism of amethyst, silver pendants with this semi-precious stone are synonymous with dignity. A silver pendant with an amethyst is the perfect gift idea, as this concept is always in vogue. The jewelry suitable for every person, it is guaranteed by the European silver 925, with a hallmark.

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