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Silver rings with tiger's eye

A silver ring with a tiger's eye is undoubtedly an original piece of jewelry. A semi-precious stone, which is a tiger's eye, is characterized by the lack of transparency and the occurrence of the phenomenon so-called a cat's eye. Where does the name tiger eye come from? The ring with this stone has a mineral that is very similar in color to the tiger's fur. Thus, a silver ring with a tiger's eye is a bold proposition for lovers of unusual creations.

Tiger's eye - silver ring for years

When you buy any jewelry, you would like it to last you for many years, no matter if it's a bracelet, earrings or a ring. The tiger eye in the rings we offer is a semi-precious, natural stone. Our stones are certified by independent gemological centers, which certifies their quality. The rings are made of European ratified silver 925, and are rhodium-plated. By choosing our products, you buy jewelry for many years.

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