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Stone cut

Silver moonstone rings

A silver moonstone ring of European production is an economical solution and in good style. The stone owes its name to its unique, almost unearthly shine and blue reflection. The moonstone placed in the ring is a completely natural, undyed mineral, which is a standard solution for silver rings of good quality. At the same time, we ensure that each 925 silver moonstone ring from our offer is a high-quality product, as evidenced by the hallmark and is certified by the Gemmological Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco.

Moonstone - European style ring

Our offer includes rings made in the European style, corresponding to the latest trends in French fashion. Thus, a silver moonstone ring is a combination of style and quality. The unusual shine of the mineral, the French workmanship and the rhodium-plated silver with innovative German technology make the moonstone ring a unique proposition.

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