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Bracelets with aquamarine - elegant accessories for lovers of blue stones

Our aquamarine bracelets are made of rhodium plated silver 925. It is suitable even for allergy sufferers, and also does not tarnish, as is the case with silver without a protective coating. French chic and European style are the quintessence of each silver aquamarine bracelet.

Silver bracelet with aquamarine - great jewelry at a good price

The penetrating shade of sea water is a characteristic feature of the stone. Silver bracelets with aquamarine will appeal to every lover of blue natural stones. It is also worth paying attention to the faceted cut, which emphasizes the beauty of silver jewelry with aquamarine. The authenticity of our stones is confirmed by the certificate of the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. We only use natural, non-colored semi-precious stones, so you can buy a silver bracelet with aquamarine at a bargain price.

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