Wholesale purchase of jewelry

In cooperation with our clients, we do not use any intermediaries, representatives or agencies - we distribute jewelry directly to retailers. Adjusting to the individual preferences of our clients operating in the industry, we have developed five basic methods of operation.

How to buy jewelry

    Our sales team currently visits stores in France, Belgium and Costa Brava - the area of ​​Spain just off the French border to deliver, complete, or replace jewelry models directly at the point of sale. You can arrange a visit by our employee.The opportunity to meet and buy our jewelry is to visit us during the fairs - Bijorhca Paris or Inhorgenta in Munich or Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.As a third method of cooperation, we invite you to visit us at the company's headquarters by appointment.The fourth option, a very convenient option, is to place an order via the Internet (www.artipol.com). At this point, we would like to point out that our website shows only a part of the jewelry on offer, as many new products are constantly appearing.As part of the fifth method of cooperation, we enable the implementation of individual orders for specific designs of jewelry with stones, but this only applies to the purchase of larger quantities and orders based on the stones available in our offer.