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Cabochon cut - calibrated cabochons for jewelry

A cabochon cut has no walls or sharp edges.

The bottom part of the stone is flat while the top is curved and rounded.

The shape of the cut stones can be round, oval, rectangular, square, or of any other shape.

It is used primarily in stones that flicker like a tiger's eye or play with colors, like labradorite, moonstone, pink quartz etc.

Stones with characteristic spots are also polished this way, in example, turquoise and very dark stones, such as black onyx.

Calibrated labradorite cabochons
Calibrated labradorite cabochons
Calibrated lapis lazuli cabochons
Calibrated lapis lazuli cabochons
Calibrated amethyst cabochons
Calibrated amethyst cabochons
Sleeping Beauty turquoise Arizona turquoise cabochons
Sleeping Beauty turquoise Arizona

Quality jewelry with natural stones

Modern vacuum and pressure foundries produce very light, delicate and at the same time very precisely made jewelry. Carefully calibrated cabochons are required for this jewelry. Calibration is an additional process that increases the cost of the product, but at the same time significantly increases the value of the stone and the entire jewelry product. Carelessly made cabochons and those that do not match in size are much cheaper and easier to buy, therefore they are used in cheap and unattractive jewelry.

Calibrated cabochons - labradorite
Calibrated cabochons - our selection