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Ruby jewelry

Our offer includes only natural rubies, where each piece of jewelry has a certificate confirming the untreated nature of the stone. When you shop with us, you can be sure that you will own a stone that has not been processed. The only treatment made on the stone is a faceted cut, thanks to which our European-style jewelry acquires a slightly sharper, more exotic character. The ruby ​​jewelry we offer also has certificates of authenticity issued by renowned gemmology centers in Monaco and Lyon.

925 silver combined with ruby

Ruby and 925 silver are a perfect combination. It reconciles the exclusivity of a gemstone with the versatility of silver. Silver 925 has a rhodium layer, which makes it resistant to most factors threatening its structure, or maintaining flawless aesthetics. We offer silver jewelry with rubies ​​at an affordable price - we use medium class rubies, which we buy at a bargain price, after the production of gold jewelry. These gemstones are still valuable but cheaper.

Ruby - jewelry with natural stone

Ruby comes from India. It is a precious stone and one of the most valuable. It is not surprising then that jewelry with rubies is so desirable. Jewelry with this stone is always noticed thanks to its ruby ​​color and faceted cut. Ruby jewelry is synonymous with the highest elegance. We offer very good value for money. Check today how silver earrings with a ruby, a ring with this precious stone or other unique jewelry pieces can be incorporated with your outfits.

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