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Silver topaz rings

A ring with topaz is a proposal addressed to people who appreciate the delicate shine of jewelry made in universal aesthetics. The European style of workmanship in combination with a semi-precious stone from Brazil is a guarantee of receiving a ring that will delight everyone. However, aesthetics is not everything, quality is also important. That is why we offer silver rings with topazes made of high-quality, ratified silver 925 secured with a layer of rhodium. The rhodium plating process is performed using an innovative technology developed in German laboratories.

Silver ring with blue topaz - Sky Blue - Light Blue

Our silver rings with blue topaz are made of high-quality silver 925. We are certified by the Gemmological Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco, which prove the originality of the stones. We offer slightly improved natural Sky Blue stones according to the certificate. You can buy a silver ring with a transparent blue topaz in good quality and price. A ring with this decorative stone, purchased in our store, is a good choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of a natural semi-precious stone.

Gold plated silver ring with blue topaz - the perfect compromise between quality and price

We also offer a large selection of gold-plated topaz rings. A thick layer of at least 5 microns with 18-carat gold on the silver surface is required to meet the French VERMEIL standard and is guaranteed with the "V" stamp. A clean and transparent blue topaz beautifully refracts light, combines with the color of gold to create an attractive ring, which is perfect for a gift.

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