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Stone cut

VERMEIL earrings

We primarily offer silver jewelry, however, we are aware that some of you prefer gold, which is why we also have VERMEIL earrings in our assortment. This is jewelry made of 925 silver, but covered with a thick, 5 micron, layer of 18-carat gold, which gives it a noble color.

Gold-plated silver earrings - for lovers of elegance

Choosing VERMEIL earrings from our offer, you are choosing high-quality jewelry at a low price. The silver from which the jewelry is made is a high-class material, as it is ratified. However, most importantly, it is covered with a thick layer of gold applied with innovative German technology. Our offer includes gold-plated silver earrings with various decorative stones to choose from. Is it worth buying gold-plated silver earrings ? Yes, gold plated silver is both high quality and affordable.

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