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Stone cut

Bracelets with amethyst - original decorations with dark purple stones

The silver amethyst bracelet is primarily a beautiful, universal ornament with natural stones of purple or dark purple color. The transparent structure and colors can be emphasized with a smooth cabochon cut. But these are not all the advantages of amethyst. A silver amethyst bracelet can have a shaded structure that makes the stones unique. They all come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Silver bracelet with amethyst - also for allergy sufferers

People struggling with skin allergies can confidently buy our silver jewelry with amethyst. It is covered with a rhodium-plated layer, thanks to which the jewelry does not tarnish and does not react with the skin. Our silver bracelets with natural stones are made of silver 925. Bracelets with amethyst have the form of both small stone eyelets and massive ornaments with a large, attractive stone. This is French chic and European styling at its best.

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