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A silver turquoise bracelet sleeping beauty from Arizona

Do you want everyone who looks at your jewelry to immerse their senses in the ocean blue ? Then go for turquoise. A silver bracelet with this semi-precious stone is a unique decoration due to the deep color of the stone on the bracelet. Arizona turquoise is one of the stones with the most intense color. Thus, subjecting it to colorization does not make much sense. We give up this treatment, retaining the aesthetics of the mineral, and at the same time guaranteeing the authenticity of the turquoise used in the production of our jewelry. Thanks to this, we offer turquoise bracelets at such affordable prices.

Bracelet - turquoise and silver 925

Each silver bracelet with turquoise available in our offer is a piece of luxurious jewelry. We ensure the authenticity and durability of the jewelry. The stones have certificates issued by renowned gemmological centers. Additionally the silver is ratified and additionally secured with a layer of rhodium applied using German technology. The natural turquoise Sleeping Beauty will become more expensive over time as Arizona mines have exhausted its deposits.

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