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Stone cut

Lapis lazuli pendants - perfect for charm bracelets and chains

Few people have heard of lapis lazuli. Silver pendants with this semi-precious stone, originally from Afghanistan, are extremely unique. Its unusual structure gives it its unique character, you can see the inclusions of pyrite sparkling like gold among the dominant deep blue color. A pendant with lapis lazuli stone will look beautiful with a silver or gold chain, as well as a charm bracelet.

Lapis lazuli pendants - jewelry with a hallmark

When deciding on jewelry, it is worth choosing the highest quality silver 925, with a hallmark. Our lapis lazuli jewelry is rhodium-plated, protecting it against tarnishing, and making it more durable. The lapis lazuli stone is certified by the Gemmology Institute of Lyon and a Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. Our jewelry is produced in Europe, so its design follows the latest trends. It is worth remembering during maintenance that the stone cannot be chemically cleaned.

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