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Silver earrings with garnet

If you want to supplement your jewelry collection with something really special, you cannot help but pay attention to silver earrings with garnet. The numerous varieties of garnet bring different visual impressions - garnet is a deep, maroon color, without any inclusions. They come straight from Madagascar, but their design is in line with the fashion prevailing in Europe, especially France. However, the grace of these inclusion free garnet stones set in European 925 silver is not everything. The quality of the silver is evidenced by its hallmark.

Silver earrings with garnet - French style, European class of workmanship

Lovers of clean, transparent stones will love garnet ! Silver earrings with this stone look especially good in strong lighting. You will be able to enjoy their splendor for years, and this quality and reliability are supported by a certificate from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in. Thanks to the rhodium plating, the silver will not tarnish, but with time it will gain even more charm, combining beautifully with garnet and its amazing aesthetics. For lovers of gold-plated silver, we also offer earrings with garnet vermeil.

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