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Silver rings with rubies

A ruby ​​ring is the epitome of style and class. Ruby is a red gemstone found mainly in Asia and Africa. The choice of a silver ruby ​​ring is a popular decision among our customers. Aesthetic universality, as well as visual and real value, make the model with a ruby ​​perfect as a gift ring. Ruby in silver rings from our offer is a natural medium class stone, not subjected to unnecessary coloring processes and set in high-quality silver 925.

Silver ruby ​​ring - proven quality

Each silver ruby ​​ring in our offer is a model of proven quality. Our gemstones are certified by the Gemological Institute of Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco. The silver, on the other hand, was rhodium-plated using modern German technology. Refined European silver is a guarantee of the ring's safety, even for allergy sufferers.

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