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Silver earrings with topaz

The blue decorative stone, topaz, is widely used in jewelry around the world. No wonder, because topaz earrings are the opposite of banality, and yet a universal solution. Delicate blue in combination with subdued shine, make that by choosing earrings with this semi-precious stone, you will get jewelry suitable for any occasion.

Exotic style, European quality - earrings with topazes

Are you interested in blue topaz ? Silver earrings with this stone available in our offer are a proposal for those who appreciate an exotic style, however not much different from the classics, and at the same time are looking for high-quality and durable jewelry. The stones we use to make our jewelry are certified by a laboratory in Monaco and an institute in Lyon. Silver 925 is indicated by the hallmark. In addition, it is rhodium-plated, i.e. the process of covering with a layer of rhodium, which is characterized by properties that protect against mechanical damage.

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