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Stone cut

Silver moonstone bracelet

The naming of the moonstone was inspired by its shine, which cannot be described otherwise than cosmic. Therefore, jewelry with a moonstone is an original solution, producing an unbelievable shine for each wearer. If you want to shine, and you also appreciate the cabochon cut of a naturally colored mineral, choose moonstone. A silver bracelet with this stone will surely become a favorite element of your jewelry.

Silver bracelet with a moonstone

The whole of our offer in the above category is silver jewelry with a moonstone. Each bracelet is made of pure, ratified and rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. Therefore, there is no risk of silver tarnishing or of allergies even in the most sensitive users. Our silver moonstone bracelets are made in a European style, referring to the classic French style, with a hallmark which guarantees the quality of 925 silver.

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