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Silver pendants with aquamarine - the quintessence of French elegance

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone that has inspired people since ancient times. The name directly refers to its delicate, blue color, reminiscent of sea water. For centuries its aesthetic and health-promoting qualities have been appreciated. Silver pendants with aquamarine are jewelry made of European 925 silver, with a hallmark. Each pendant with aquamarine is made of European grade rhodium plated silver, therefore our jewelry does not tarnish and looks great even after many years, and is not allergenic. This is the essence of French elegance at its best, in fashion.

Aquamarine - jewelry for special occasions

Looking at the aquamarine pendant, you can notice the precision of the execution in each cut. It is an extremely suited material for processing, therefore it is very often used in jewelry. Silver or aquamarine pendants are perfect for special occasions. The natural stones used to decorate the jewelry are certified, therefore the aquamarine is spotlessly clean and free of inclusions.

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