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Silver pendants with blue topaz

Blue topaz - desired by French women, and worn with love by fashionable European women. Available from us in an incredibly elegant version. Each topaz pendant in this category has the quality of the stones confirmed by a certificate from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory from Monaco. It is impossible to deny it, considering how hard and solid this transparent stone with a light blue tint is. All this means that the topaz pendant simply charms with the way it refracts light and its reliability.

Topaz with a pendant - perfection with character

Blue topaz is a characteristic and unique stone. Topaz in the pendants from our offer is of the sky blue type. It is a great choice to complement a tasteful outfit. The quality of the silver 925 used for our jewelry is confirmed by the hallmark, and as a result our silver pendant with blue topaz can be worn without fear of allergies or tarnishing, as it is additionally treated with a layer of rhodium.

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