Jade bracelets - an excellent choice for brown hair and a warm color type of beauty

Not only clothes, but also jewelry can be matched to the matching color type of one’s beauty. Therefore, a jade bracelet will be a great choice for brown-haired women, especially green-eyed women. What distinguishes a silver jade bracelet ? Jadeite has a mint shade and inclusions, which makes the bracelet unique. It will also be perfect for women with dark complexion and brown eyes, after all, you can choose green jade. A silver bracelet in a deeper shade will look beautiful on tanned skin.

Silver jade bracelet - the highest quality

All of our offered jade bracelets are very carefully made. European-class 925 silver guarantees that the jewelry will be in perfect condition for a long time. Rhodium plating on many models not only prevents the bracelets from tarnishing quickly, but also allergic reactions. Jadeite is a decorative stone that comes in many shades that you will surely like !

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