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Stone cut

Ladies' gold-plated silver bracelets - Vermeil

We based our offer on silver jewelry. However, we recognize that on certain occasions, gold may be the optimal choice. That's why we present women's gold-plated bracelets. We are talking about bracelets made of quality 925 silver, covered with a thick minimum 5-micron layer of 18-carat gold. The quality of silver 925 is guaranteed by our hallmark, and the quality of gilding with the vermeil standard, by an additional hallmark "V". Vermeil bracelets are a stylish and economical solution.

Gold-plated silver - Vermeil bracelets

The gold-plated bracelet is made of 925 silver. The silver is also covered with a layer of gold in order to protect the surface against corrosion and other damage. A gold-plated women's bracelet is jewelry with an additional hallmark "V". Therefore, we offer proven, authentic gold-plated silver according to the French Vermeil standard. Bracelets are available both without a stone and with decorative minerals. Choose a stylish gold-plated Vermeil bracelet for yourself today.

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