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Silver rings with garnet

Original rings with garnet originating from Madagascar are characterized by a unique, maroon color that commands attention. These natural semi-precious stones are certified by the Gemology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco. In combination with pure European high-quality 925 silver, the garnet ring creates a fantastic ornament dedicated to women of all ages. A silver ring with garnet is distinguished by its transparency, visible under intense light.

Rings with garnet - jewelry with natural stones emphasizing fashionable styles

A silver ring with garnet has various models, all of which are Rhodium-plated. In practice, this means the highest-class silver surface finish, thanks to which fashionable jewelry does not tarnish. A silver ring with garnet with a distinct color does not have inclusions, providing a juicy shade that looks great in any light. This style is combined with pure European silver that does not cause allergies. We offer gold-plated silver rings with garnet, which comply with the French "vermeil" standard. A thick layer of 18-carat gold is guaranteed with an additional "V" stamp.

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