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Silver amethyst rings

A contemporary amethyst ring in an extraordinary purple and dark purple color delights for generations. It is a European staple appreciated by women of all ages. silver amethyst rings originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo are originality and beauty at its best - evidenced by the hallmark stamp and silver 925. The natural mineral in a cabochon or faceted cut looks fantastic in daylight

Amethyst ring radiate brilliance

Amethyst rings are popular because of their uniqueness. Each natural stone has its own inclusions or cracks. Our amethyst stones do not have cracks after selection. We allow minimal inclusions, because the amethyst must be transparent, such an additive satisfies the most demanding tastes - no milky inclusions are allowed. An amethyst ring is the perfect gift idea as it is always in vogue. When it comes to a silver amethyst ring, the price can be a positive surprise. Gold-plated Silver rings with amethyst have a thick, 5 micron, layer of 18-carat Gold. An additional "V" stamp certifies compliance with the French "Vermeil" standard. It is a natural ornament - its uniqueness, brilliance and delicacy emphasize feminine qualities and beauty.

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