Jewelry with Baltic amber

Undoubtedly, when mentioning the most popular decorative stones, one should mention amber. Jewelry with natural amber enjoys unwavering popularity. The silver and amber products we offer are natural specimens subjected to a cabochon cut. The European style of workmanship emphasizes the classic character of our amber jewelry. The Artipol online store offers a wide selection of amber earrings, necklaces, and rings made with 925 silver. Apart from being cut, amber is not subjected to any processing or artificial coloring. As a result, silver jewelry with amber available in our store is characterized by its natural appearance and an attractive price. We also offer gold-plated silver amber jewelry. Our gold plated silver jewelry is made according to the French VERMEIL standard (minimum 5 microns of 18-carat gold) and we confirmed it with an additional hallmark "V".

Amber jewelry for years

We focus not only on the low price, but also on the quality of the products offered. Hence, the silver jewelry with amber that we offer are earrings or rings made of high-quality silver, covered with a rhodium layer protecting against damage. Due to this protection, our jewelry does not tarnish and is resistant to mechanical damage. Amber jewelry is an ornament that will match every outfit for many years. We choose only the most beautiful stones for our jewelry, which are shaped into a cabochon cut.

Baltic amber - jewelry with a natural mineral

Baltic amber is a fossilized resin of coniferous trees, about 40 million years old. Jewelry with amber includes earrings, necklaces, and rings featuring a decorative cabochon cut stone. For years, this stone has been one of the oldest jewelry ornaments which never went out of fashion. Most often, amber jewelry delights with its dark brown color, however the most desirable color is cognac. The name of Amber in German is Bernstein - a stone that burns. The stone comes in a wide variety of colors, depending on the proportions of the individual elements that make it up. Baltic amber is distinguished by a high content of succinic acid. For this reason, amber was once used in folk medicine, and nowadays in cosmetics.

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