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Silver rings with amber

A traditional baltic amber ring is an elegant and stylish accessory. It is a design dedicated to women of all types of beauty. Although the amber in the ring is not a stone, but a fossilized resin, framed with pure European silver it looks phenomenal in a variety of styles. The jewelry are produced in Europe and belong to fashion concepts that follow current French trends

Amber rings in golden shades

A silver ring with amber padded with a hallmark is characterized with good quality, which allows it to keep its perfect appearance over time. Only the most beautiful specimens are selected and the stones are characterized by cabochon cut. The properties of the resin make the fossil wonderfully sparkle with shades of the sun, cognac or cherry. The most popular and sought after color is cognac. silver rings with amber, certified for originality, are a fashionable European style at its best. Regardless to the styling, it will emphasize female beauty, adding a natural look. Gold-plated silver rings with amber have a thick, 5 micron, layer of 18-carat gold, in accordance with the French "vermeil" standard, which is guaranteed by an additional "V" stamp.

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