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Moonstone jewelry

We were the first in France to create a fashion for silver jewelry with calibrated moonstone at the international jewelry fair. Today we have the greatest experience, selection and quality of moonstone jewelry. Undoubtedly, silver jewelry with moonstone is a solution for users who value original arrangements. With moonstone rings or silver earrings, you will shine. Nobody will be able to overlook this type of jewelry. Therefore, earrings or a necklace with moonstone are perfect for reviving a creation or illuminating a dark outfit. It looks beautiful on tanned skin. Thanks to many years of cooperation with stone cutters, we have large stocks of very good quality stones at bargain prices. This allows us to create a very large offer of fashionable French-style jewelry, made of European refined silver.

Moonstone and 925 silver - a brilliant combination

Due to the light shade and blue sheen, moonstone is in perfect harmony with silver. Our jewelry is made of 925 silver. The silver is also subjected to rhodium-plating, which is designed to protect the moonstone jewelry against damage and premature wear. Thanks to this, rings or silver earrings with moonstone are also resistant to corrosion. All this means that silver jewelry with moonstone will serve you well for many years. Moonstone can be washed and dry cleaned. Jewelry with moonstone is scratch-resistant, and does not lose its properties and colors. The stones are most often cabochon cut, although we also have faceted cut ornaments.

Moonstone - jewelry with natural stone

Jewelry equipped with a moonstone is always a phenomenal decoration. It is not a monolithic - it has internal cracks, thanks to which it achieves a unique blue gloss and reflexes. As a rule, the moonstone reflects light so that it is difficult not to be amazed. Each piece of our moonstone jewelry set in the right light will always show a blue reflex. The brilliance and quality of the stone depends on the selection and the method of grinding and polishing. The best quality moonstones are available in Sri Lanka.

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