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Black onyx jewelry

The black onyxes that appear in our jewelry offer are natural materials. In practice, this means that, apart from cutting, they are not subjected to any processing. A cabochon and faceted cut is used here, but we believe that coloring or any other embellishment of the stone is unnecessary. The natural color of onyx and high gloss are sufficient to arouse admiration. Silver jewelry with onyx available in our offer will delight you at any time. Contrary to the Asian style, our European design fits perfectly with the current fashion.

Silver jewelry with black onyx

As specialized professionals of silver jewelry, we have limited our offer to high-quality silver products. Silver 925, from which the jewelry with black onyx is made, guarantees the quality of rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings with black onyx. In addition, the surface of onyx jewelry is covered with a layer of rhodium, which is an element with excellent protective properties. It protects against rust, tarnish, chemical and mechanical damage. Black Onyx is resistant to acids and chemicals. Its quality depends on high-class polishing.

Black onyx - jewelry with natural stone

Black onyx is undoubtedly a special stone because of its uniform color. Indeed, the stone is black, which is rare in the world of minerals. Due to this color, jewelry with black onyx on one hand is very original and hard to miss, on the other hand it is a subtle complement to the outfit. Moreover, if you are looking for something universal, you should choose black onyx. A ring with this mineral will perfectly fit into any outfit. Universal and subtle black onyx is also quite a rare stone, although it can be found in various parts of the world.

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