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  • €23.00 - €72.00

Silver ring with an emerald

A contemporary and extremely elegant silver ring with an emerald is a proposition that will delight every woman. This unique gemstone with a green color will emphasize your beauty and emanate brilliance, regardless to the time of day. European designed jewelry has a timeless quality supported by stones certified by the gemmology institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco. The outstanding emerald in the engagement ring, with a faceted cut, is an ornament in itself. This style is recommended to only the most demanding women.

The precision of European-styled jewelry

Thanks to the rhodium plating of all faceted models, silver rings with an emerald do not tarnish. The permitted inclusions make each of them stand out with an extraordinary and unique form. An emerald ring set in European, pure 925 silver perfectly complements any stylization. It can be worn by any woman as it does not cause allergies. Although the available stone is of lower quality (the best of which are used in the production of gold jewelry), it is a cheaper, beautiful concept with a very good value for money. It is still a ring with a natural, brilliant stone, confirmed by a certificate.

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