Necklaces Vermeil

Artipol jewelry is usually made of silver. However, on some occasions gold color will be a better choice. That is why we offer gold-plated women's jewelry. These necklaces are made of quality 925 silver, covered with a thick minimum 5-micron layer of 18-carat gold, look particularly good. The quality of the silver 925 is guaranteed by our hallmark, and the quality of gilding with the vermeil standard, by an additional hallmark "V". Vermeil necklaces are elegant, economical, and can be associated with vermeil earrings for a matching and very successful set.

Gold-plated silver - Vermeil necklaces

Vermeil necklaces are made of 925 silver. The silver is also covered with a thick layer of gold in order to protect the surface from corrosion damage and give it a gold color. A gold-plated necklace is jewelry with an additional hallmark "V". Therefore, we offer proven, authentic gold-plated silver according to the French Vermeil standard.

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