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Stone cut

Vermeil rings - silver gilded

Are you wearing an outfit that perfectly matches the color of gold? Or maybe you just value this color higher than silver ? Then you will be interested in a silver vermeil ring. It is a gold-plated silver ring. The jewelry is made in such a way that the silver ring is covered with a layer of gold. The gold-plated silver rings in our offer have natural stones. You can choose from several minerals. Choose them according to your taste !

Gold plated silver rings - quality at a low price

We pride ourselves in selling high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. It is no different in this case. We offer not only aesthetically attractive, but also durable rings. The gilded silver they are made of is a proven material. It is sterling silver. Gold-plated silver rings have a thick layer of 5 microns of 18-carat gold, in accordance with the French VERMEIL standard, which is guaranteed with an additional stamp "V". It is a historic, very important French standard, guaranteeing high quality compared to gold-plated silver, where the thickness of the gold layer is definitely thinner and has no guarantee. Even if you suffer from allergies, you can wear a vermeil ring without fear, like any other model from our offer.

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