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Silver jade rings

Natural jade is a stone that comes in many colors in nature. Silver jade rings come in a shade of green, which is a variant of jade. It belongs to the extremely hard stones, highly valued in the centuries-old Chinese culture. Silver jade rings are a proposal in a European style and French character that follows contemporary trends. Small inclusions are allowed in their case.

Distinctive ornaments of a contemporary, elegant woman - silver rings with jade

The combination of an unusual mineral in a cabochon cut with pure, European silver of the highest quality creates unique compositions dedicated to the most demanding customers. The silver jade ring has hard, cabochon cut stones certified by the gemmology institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco, which are a unique ornament and highly valued in Chinese culture. The rings are made of 925 silver. Jewelry with natural stones produced in Europe enjoys a unique styling, and thanks to many rhodium-plated models, it ensures many years of use without damage. It is a unique proposition, giving the opportunity to create many inspiring and elegant styles.

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