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Stone cut

Bracelets with labradorite - jewelry with stones with an iridescent structure

When looking for jewelry that has colorful reflections against a uniform dark structure, it is worth choosing a labradorite bracelet. The stone is gray in color with blue or green-blue accents. The silver bracelet perfectly emphasizes the beauty of natural, decorative labradorite from Madagascar, in which the cabochon cut was used. A smooth structure without cuts, enhances the iridescent color and harmonizes perfectly with the rhodium plated silver 925 that surrounds each stone eye

French style labradorite silver bracelets

Individual stones can be placed between a bracelet made of silver eyelets or with a smooth structure. Silver bracelets with labradorite can also have a more decorative form and create forms of leaves or flowers with labradorite inserts. It is worth emphasizing their French style in a European stylization. Rhodium plating of the silver surface increases its resistance to tarnish and creates an antiallergic coating. Labradorite is authentic, natural and undyed, giving the silver labradorite bracelet an attractive price.

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