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Jewelry with peridot

Do you want to impress everyone with a dazzling decoration of your outfit ? Then you should go for peridot. Jewelry with this expressive green stone will not go unnoticed. By choosing the right accessories and garments, you will create an unforgettable outfit. Silver jewelry with peridot offered by us is distinguished by a unique shine because it contains natural stones. They are not subjected to dyeing or any other treatment that could deprive the mineral of its natural properties.

Aesthetics and quality - rhodium plated silver 925 with peridot

The aesthetics and quality of jewelry are determined not only by the stone, but also the structure of the earring, ring, or necklace. In this case, 925 silver was used, as evidenced by the hallmark. Our silver is rhodium-plated, i.e. covered with a layer of rhodium resistant to damage. This process is carried out using the most modern German technology available. Our silver peridot jewelry is faceted.

Peridot - jewelry with natural stone

Green peridot is a stone appreciated mainly for its color. Undoubtedly, the expressive green deserves appreciation. Peridot is a hard mineral, mined mainly in Africa, in countries such as Egypt, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The mineral is also available in smaller quantities on other continents, including Europe. It is a transparent stone without inclusions. The noble variety of olivine is called peridot or chrysolite. Silver jewelry with peridot is the perfect solution for every jewelry lover.

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