Tiger's eye jewelry

Undoubtedly, silver jewelry with a tiger's eye is a very universal arrangement. Due to its color, the stone is subdued, which allows it to fit well with any outfit. It's fantastic stripes give the mineral its character, which makes tiger's eye jewelry a good option also for people who appreciate original aesthetic ornaments. It is also important that the rings or earrings with the tiger's eye we offer are silver jewelry. Tiger's eye combined with silver results in universal jewelry, suitable for everyone, for almost any occasion.

Tiger's eye silver jewelry - certified authenticity and quality

The completely natural, untreated stone is a guarantee of aesthetic delight, highlighted by a relatively low price of the jewelry. Silver 925 is used to create the jewelry available in our offer. Silver, which we use to make jewelry with a tiger's eye, is rhodium-plated using innovative German technology. Thanks to this treatment, jewelry becomes insensitive to factors causing tarnish, corrosion or mechanical damage. The tiger's eye is primarily cabochon cut, although we also have faceted cut jewelry.

Tiger's eye - jewelry with natural stone

Tiger's eye is a type of quartz with a shimmering sheen. It is a stone in colors ranging from light brown to black. A characteristic feature of the tiger's eye are stripes, resembling a cat's eye or tiger fur. Tiger's eye jewelry includes stones that are usually mined in South Africa, Australia, USA or Russia. Its value depends on the high-class polishing and the selection of the aesthetic shape of the stripes.

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