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Stone cut

Silver topaz bracelet

The subtle shine of blue on silver jewelry is a tempting prospect, which is why blue topaz is so popular in a bracelet. A bracelet decorated with this semi-precious stone is a unique, but also unobtrusive piece of jewelry. A silver bracelet with topaz is a proposal as an addition to a tasteful outfit and everyday outfit. It is enough to properly match the colors of the styling and properly select other accessories for a delightful effect.

Blue topaz and high-quality 925 silver

If you value the quality of jewelry, any topaz bracelet available in this category will be a good choice for you. Our topaz gemstones are certified by a renowned French Gemmological Institute. In addition, the bracelets with topaz are made of rhodium-plated silver 925. The rhodium layer protects against corrosion, tarnish, and mechanical damage. The blue topaz is set in a silver bracelet with a jewelry hallmark, attesting to the quality of 925 silver.

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