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Garnet jewelry

Our offer includes numerous earrings, necklaces, and pendants with garnet stones. Rings with garnet are especially popular, as they are a fitting complement to virtually every creation. A garnet pendant is a typical example of universal jewelry that does not go out of fashion despite the passage of time. In combination with silver, the typical dark navy blue stone is a classic arrangement for users of all ages. Available in our assortment of Silver jewelry with garnet is a wide range of models tailored to a wide variety of tastes. Silver jewelry with garnet is complemented by gold-plated silver jewelry (minimum 5 microns of 18-carat gold), as evidenced by an additional hallmark "V".

Qualitative and jewelry with garnet

The silver jewelry with garnet that we offer is both an economical and high-quality solution. Each stone has a certificate of originality. In addition, the 925 silver used is rhodium-plated, which ensures its high aesthetic quality for many years. At the same time, we offer jewelry with natural garnet, featuring a stone that has not been subjected to additional processing. This lowers the production costs and thus the selling price of jewelry. Recently, the price of garnet has increased significantly, thanks to our many years of cooperation with stone cutters, we can offer reasonable prices. We also offer garnet jewelry made of gold-plated silver.

Garnet - jewelry with a natural stone

Garnet is a mineral classified as a silicate. Garnets found in nature and used in jewelry are very diverse. Most often they take a dark red color of various shades, but in fact they can be found in all color options, except blue. Jewelry with garnet is usually a subtle addition to an outfit, thanks to the delicately glassy shine of the dark stone, which is garnet. Jewelry with garnet does not have inclusions. The largest quantities of garnet are mined in South Africa, while the largest single crystals are found in Norway. We use garnets mined in Madagascar.

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