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Bracelets with garnet - unusual decoration of the wrist

Without a doubt, a silver bracelet with a garnet is an extraordinary wrist decoration. What is so special about garnet ? The garnet bracelet draws its inspiration directly from nature, and the stones actually resemble juicy fruit, both in color and shape. Transparent and free of inclusions decorative stones are certified by the Gemmology Institute and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. The stones come from Madagascar and have a faceted cut. We use high-quality 925 silver for production.

Perfect underlining of elegant styling

People who prefer a modern style can choose a silver bracelet with garnet for styling. It will perfectly match a burgundy dress as a monochrome accessory. It is worth emphasizing the highest quality silver, which does not cause allergies, thanks to its rhodium-plated coating. Silver bracelets with garnet are European-style and affordable fashion jewelry.

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