Jewelry with natural amethyst

Our offer includes jewelry with natural amethyst cut to a cabochon or faceted shape. The European style of workmanship, combined with the original, purple color of the stone, not subjected to additional treatments, is a guarantee of a delightful aesthetic effect. We would also like to emphasize that the stones we offer have certificates of authenticity issued by renowned gemmological centers. We offer completely natural amethyst. Jewelry with this stone is therefore unique, and at the same time, relatively cheap, thanks to our direct purchases in large quantities. Our offer includes many amethyst earrings, rings, and pendants. Our jewelry looks exceptionally well in strong sunlight. Our offer of silver jewelry with amethyst is complemented by gold-plated silver jewelry. We plate in accordance with the French VERMEIL standard (minimum 5 microns of 18-carat gold), as evidenced by an additional hallmark "V".

Natural amethyst - silver and golden silver jewelry

The offer of our store is silver jewelry. Silver 925 is used for production, which is a high-quality material. In addition, silver jewelry with an amethyst is rhodium plated, which protects the jewelry against damage and was carried out using modern German technology. Our products are quality silver and natural amethyst. Jewelry created from a combination of these two elements is a durable and aesthetically delightful ornament.

Amethyst - jewelry with natural stone

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone - ours originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Decorated with natural amethyst, the jewelry impresses with its unusual color. This stone appears as a violet or purple mineral. Derived from Greek, the word means "sober". In Ancient Greece it was believed that a chalice made of amethyst was able to protect against intoxication with wine. The stone has therefore been known since antiquity, where amethyst was widely used. Amethyst jewelry has been highly valued around the world for centuries.

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