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Silver earrings with amber

When looking for extraordinary jewelry, it is worth paying attention to amber earrings, distinguished not only by their unique charm, but also by their high quality. Only the most beautiful stones are selected for their production, straight from the Baltic Sea.

Such jewelry is kept in a very fashionable, French style - which is its additional advantage. Amber, as a fossilized resin, is characterized by a very high resistance to damage, and only the most beautiful specimens are selected for production. Thus, silver earrings with amber are an idea for a timeless gift or addition to your own jewelry collection.

Silver earrings with amber - straight from the Baltic Sea

Elegant silver earrings with amber are such a unique product that pure European silver 925 is used for their production. We also suggest paying attention to vermeil the earrings - made of gold-plated silver. The amber earrings are completed with a cabochon cut. People prone to allergies can be calm, because amber is not an allergenic. All amber earrings have unique stones with a phenomenal color - including cognac, the most sought-after.

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