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Silver pendants with amber - a classic in the best taste

For centuries, amber jewelry was considered to bring happiness to its owner. The fossil derived from the resin of conifers has more than 60 varieties, therefore, in addition to yellow, golden and golden-brown, it can also have a red or milky white shade. Cognac-colored amber is the most sought-after and popular. The silver amber pendant is made of rhodium plated silver 925, which means the highest European class, and at the same time anti-allergenic properties and resistance to tarnish. It is jewelry that follows the latest French Fashion trends, and at the same time, has a timeless design.

A pendant with amber in a silver setting - it will emphasize the shade of the complexion

Each stone of natural amber used in the production of our jewelry originates from the Baltic Sea and is of the highest quality, confirmed by a certificate. The amber pendant has a cabochon cut, which perfectly enhances the beautiful structure of the fossil resin. At the same time the classic elegance of the jewelry, and the alabaster and golden skin tones are perfectly emphasized. We also recommend our gold-plated silver jewelry.

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