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Silver rings with Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Arizona

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone most commonly found in China or Tibet, it is green to blue in color, with inclusions. The turquoise we use comes from Arizona from the Sleeping Beauty deposit. With a minimal amount of inclusions, this is the most beautiful, and precious blue turquoise. Since the mine closed in 2012, there has been a large amount of fake synthetic turquoise on the market. Each turquoise silver ring we offer has a natural stone that has not been colored. As the stock of Arizona turquoise becomes depleted, the stone becomes more expensive.

Turquoise silver ring - highest quality Arizona turquoise

We offer silver rings with the highest quality Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Arizona. Made with ratified rhodium plated 925 silver. A silver turquoise ring is produced with a natural stone. The authenticity and quality of the stones we use are confirmed by certificates of renowned gemological centers. When making a purchase from us, you choose a quality, aesthetically interesting, silver ring, at a very good price. Once our stocks of turquoise are exhausted, it will no longer be possible to produce with this stone.

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